$100,000 in theft charges, according to records.

Las Vegas Metro Police said in a document that they received reports of possible fraud at the Circa Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas. A person in the hotel’s security office contacted the casino cage to detectives “claiming that the unknown person is the owner of the hotel” and demanded $320,000 to make an emergency payment to the fire department, police wrote in court papers.

Police interviewed Cage, who said they received a call from a person who claimed to be the hotel’s owner. A person who is not the owner of the hotel said, “The fire department needs to check the fire extinguisher,” and added, “We will need money for additional safety devices,” according to the document.

According to the documents, Cage supervisor took the money from different off-site locations on four occasions to an unknown person. The payments totaled $314,000, $350,000 and $500,000, adding to three small deposits that cost the hotel $1,170,000. Police said staff believed she had spoken to the hotel owner on the phone and texted the manager.

Detectives tracked down the vehicle for theft and found the registered owner. Police suspect it belongs to Gutierrez’s aunt.

Police also monitored the house after seeing another car arrive and leaving with Gutiérrez and another man. The police searched the car but could not find the money.

Around the same time, police obtained a search warrant for the house, finding identities belonging to Gutiérrez, “a large bag of U.S. currency tied together with a name search car on the package,” and other items, they said.

Police arrested Gutierrez at the gym on Sunday, June 18, they said. They have since recovered nearly $850,000. Police did not know who was paid $314,000 at the time of his arrest report last week, they said. Another man who was in the car with Gutierrez before he was arrested was not detained.

Judge Amy Pereira set Gutierrez’s bail at $25,000 and ordered him to stay away from Circa and the Fremont Street Experience if he issues bonds. 릴게임

“Although we like good promotional stories, it’s not one of them,” Circa CEO Derek Stevens said in a statement. “Circa Resorts & Casino is working with the Las Vegas Police Department in this investigation. We are very grateful for their efforts to date and are unable to comment further due to the ongoing investigation.”

Mr. Gutierrez faces similar charges in Mesquite court. A judge there set bail at $20,000.

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