$1 billion Morpheus hotel tower for City of Dreams Macao development.

Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited has been asked by the Macau Bureau of Labor to suspend all work on the project so that it can conduct an investigation into the deaths on the 30th floor of the development of a 33-year-old construction worker from mainland China.

The Labor Administration said, “The Labor Administration immediately suspended all work at the construction site to protect the safety of other workers, and instructed the contractor to immediately review the current industrial health and safety procedures and submit a detailed investigation report.”

Hong Kong-listed Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited declares that these investigations have now been completed and construction has resumed to the satisfaction of the Bureau of Labor. The company, known as Melco Crown Entertainment Limited until its name change in early April, reportedly explained that Morpheus is staying open during the first half of the year, offering 780 rooms along with suites, duplex villas and “sky villas.”

Designed by the late Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid, the five-star Morpheus hotel tower has installed an additional high-speed elevator to transport visitors to the observation deck for views of the interior atrium. Also last week, Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited, was quoted as saying that the company hopes to introduce at least 50 gaming tables.파워볼게임

“We see Morpheus as a huge catalyst to launch City of Dreams Macao 2.0,” Ho told G3 NewsWire. “In the building we can easily accommodate over 50 tables. City of Dreams Macau will feel like a whole new building next year. There will be various levels of dedicated game space within Morpheus. We will have over 50 tables.”

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