Yeom Gal-ryang, who does not relax, will also take the lead in the mound equipped with six starters

“The 9G car came from behind,” Yeom Gal-ryang, who does not relax, will also take the lead in the mound equipped with six starters

Will the LG Twins be able to take the throne in the 2023? As of the 8th, he is in first place, widening the gap with the SSG Landers by five games. There are 50 games left. No one knows what will happen during this period. Prior to the KIA Tigers match on the 8th, head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop showed tension, saying, “It is absolutely not a relaxed situation.”

He was the head coach of the SK Wyverns in 2019 and was in first place by nine games on August 10, but allowed the Doosan Bears to come from behind. Doosan also enjoyed the benefit of lower-ranked teams playing on a rebuilding basis in the remaining games at that time. LG’s power, which ranks first in team batting average and team defense, is stronger than SK at the time, so it is unlikely to easily give up a turnaround. As the memory of that time is clear, he showed an extraordinary determination to do Mercury with tension.

The key to winning the first place depends on the management of the mound. KT, which has recently been on the rise, has also shown strong starting baseball. LG can achieve its ambition only when the mound is strong not only in the rest of the season but also in the postseason and the Korean Series. Coach Yeom knows better than anyone else, so he is working hard to build a mound.

LG recently acquired Choi Won-tae as a starting resource through a trade with Kiwoom Heroes. It is expected to have a great synergy effect on the mound. Adam Plutko also returned right away, allowing six starting resources to be used. Plutco and Casey Kelly’s foreign pitchers, Choi Won-tae, Lim Chan-kyu, Lee Kang, and Lee Jung-yong can also be used. Kim Yoon-sik is also on standby.

Coach Yeom said, “From next week, we will operate with five starters. Lee Jung-yong will be out as a long man and Lee Ji-gang will be in the starting lineup, he said. In particular, he expected the performance of foreign pitchers. “Plutco is back. Plutco and Kelly should be seated. From now on, one game is an important time. “The performance of the two players is absolutely necessary,” he ordered.

At the same time, the bullpen has become important. Preparations for the Asian Games are also becoming an absolute task. He has to play for about two weeks without closer Ko Woo-suk, setup man Jung Woo-young and third baseman Moon Bo-kyung, who will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games at the end of September. Moon Bo-kyung’s absence can be used by Kim Min-sung and others, while closer Ko Woo-suk’s absence can cause considerable damage. 토토

Of course, there are countermeasures in place. Coach Yeom said, “I think I will be away for two to 20 days. For now, Park Myung-geun and Ham Deok-ju will take the position of Ko Woo-suk. (Lee) Jung-yong will do the spot without Jung Woo-young. We’re a little better prepared. It is fortunate that four people, Yoo Young-chan, Baek Seung-hyun, Ham Deok-ju, and Park Myung-geun, were prepared from the camp. On top of that, Kim Jin-sung and Choi Dong-hwan are also doing well as long men, he explained.

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