“Tottenham Legend,” be treated like this…”An additional one-year option is activated”

British media outlet “The Athletic” predicted on the 30th (Korea Standard Time) that Son Heung-min will wear Tottenham’s uniform by 2026 through an article titled “Tottenham’s squad opening.”

“He plays a key role as a captain. Tottenham will include the option of extending the contract by one year to keep him in the team until 2026,” the media outlet predicted.

The current contract between Son Heung-min and Tottenham is due in June 2025. However, it is known that the condition for the club to arbitrarily extend the contract for another year is included.

The British media “Telegraph” also reported in September last year, “It is understood that the club has the authority to extend it for at least one year (in the contract with Son Heung-min).”

At the time, “Telegraph” expected Tottenham to officially invoke this option after discussing with Son Heung-min as soon as this season ends. “The Athletic” also predicted that the club would not sign a new contract, but would continue to accompany Son Heung-min by utilizing the existing contract provisions.

Some speculated that Tottenham could sign a new long-term contract with Son during the 2023-24 season. In this case, Son’s weekly salary, which is the highest in his team, is also highly likely to increase. According to Spotrac, a global sports player salary analysis medium, Son is paid 190,000 pounds (about 334.64 million won) a week.
He is second to midfielder Tanguy Ndombele (£200,000), who was classified as out-of-strength and spent several years on loan.

If this happens, the club will have to spend a large amount of money on Son Heung-min, who will be in his mid-30s during the next contract period. If the option to extend one year is used, it can be a “safe choice” for the club as it is guaranteed to be accompanied by 2026 and can control the fluctuations in weekly wages compared to signing a new contract.

This season, Son Heung-min flew well with 17 goals and 10 assists. He still showed off world-class skills by ranking fifth in the Premier League’s offensive point. The main position, left flank striker and Harry Kane, went back and forth to the striker position.

“Son Heung-min is a very important player,” Tottenham teammate Dejan Kulusevski said. “He is our captain and an excellent example for all of us. I will try to follow him and help him as much as possible.”

Son’s value is also shown in detailed indicators. He is not just good at attacking. The CIES, a research institute under FIFA, evaluated the participation rate of defense based on two criteria: “distance running at a faster speed than 25 kilometers per hour in the course of defense” and “number of times pressure is applied to the opponent without physical contact or touch of the ball.” The rankings were released based on the highest participation rate in defense, and Son was ranked first among the players. In the sum of the two criteria, Son overwhelmed other players.

Son Heung-min showed overwhelming activity in the distance he ran at a high speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour during the defensive process. It was seventh in the world in terms of the number of pressures, but it ranked first in both the distance of sprint and the number of pressures if limited to the five major European leagues. The figures show that Son Heung-min’s participation in defense is the first among strikers around the world.

Prior to this, Son was a very active striker. He diligently moved the sides and the front line, and actively participated in defense. Such activity has increased even more this season. Born in 1992, he turned 32 this year, but he has played on the field more than he did in his 20s.

Throughout the season, Son was fully immersed in Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou’s tactics. He boasts world-class attack capability by ranking eighth in the Premier League scorers, third in assists, and fifth in offensive points.

Son Heung-min has been playing steadily since he wore Tottenham’s uniform in 2015. Ten years later, numerous players have left. Last season, even Harry Kane moved to Bayern Munich to win.

Nevertheless, Son remained consistent. At Tottenham, Son made significant achievements by joining the Tottenham Hotspur Fédération Internationale de Puskas Award, top scorer in the English Premier League, and became the first Asian player to score more than 100 Premier League goals.토토사이트 추천

Ahead of this season, Son was appointed as Tottenham’s captain. In Tottenham’s 141-year history, which was founded in 1882, Son is the first Korean to claim non-European nationality. He is the second Korean captain in the history of the Premier League since Park Ji-sung took the captain’s armband at the Queens Park Rangers.

His skills did not decline over time. Rather, after Kane left, Son Heung-min’s presence became more important in the team’s history. However, the club is reluctant to give him a large long-term contract. I think I will watch the situation after invoking the extension option.

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