Siheung TOP U14 National Team Fruits As runner-up in the first competition of the year as a unified team

Siheung TOP participated in the Incheon Summer Association Presidential Cup U14 held at Jangsu-dong Gymnasium on the 7th (Sun) and won the runner-up prize.

Siheung TOP U14 team was a team of players who had frequent changes in membership and newly started playing basketball. As a result, the team invested time in coordinating teamwork and enhancing teamwork. This was also the reason why it was the first competition as a single team.

However, I was only worried. Siheung TOP, which met Baskium and Seongbuk Samsung in the preliminary round, went smoothly to the finals. Siheung TOP, which won against S-Bird in the semifinals, advanced to the finals. What was more encouraging was that the more they played from the preliminary round to the semifinals, the more they revived their performance.

Siheung TOP, which advanced to the finals with good performance, faced unfavorable conditions in the finals against Uijeongbu SK. Although it was the TOP who took the lead in the beginning, two of its main players failed to manage fouls and could not participate in the games. Afterwards, the team lost in overtime and finished the tournament as the runner-up.토토사이트

“For middle school seniors, we have experienced a bitter taste of defeat. Through this competition, we had to practice and guide more carefully. From this competition, we hope children can enjoy participating in every competition by drawing upward curves,” said Kim Ki-ho, president of Siheung TOP.

“I wanted to show how hard I have prepared for the past half year without any regrets,” said Kim Kyu-hyun of the Siheung TOP U14 national team. “We haven’t worked together for a long time since the members of the national team have been confirmed, but it seems that basketball with a fast tempo has settled down as the friends have adapted quickly and trained together. As I felt that I needed to supplement something in this competition, I want to challenge for the championship with a better appearance in the next competition,” Kim Kyu-hyun of the Siheung TOP U14 national team concluded the interview.

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