Sanchez wins in 43 days, Williams also plays 2 hits

‘5 consecutive losses → 2 consecutive wins’ Hanwha, Doosan wining series…Sanchez wins in 43 days, Williams also plays 2 hits

Hanwha won the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against Doosan 8-3 at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 13th.

Starting pitcher Ricardo Sanchez won his sixth win of the season with four hits (one home run), two walks, six strikeouts and three runs in six innings. After the match against Daegu Samsung on the 1st of last month, he became a winning pitcher in 43 days and six games.

No. 9 hitter Lee Do-yoon swung three hits in a row, and Moon Hyun-bin and Nick Williams also hit two hits each.

Hanwha, ranked eighth, which succeeded in changing the mood with two consecutive wins after five consecutive losses, reached the 40th win (52 losses and five draws) mark of the season. 5th place Doosan has 49 wins, 47 losses and 1 draw.

Hanwha targeted Doosan starter Choi Won-joon from the start of the first inning. No. 1 Moon Hyun-bin opened the door with a heavy hit on the first pitch. Hanwha, which scored the first run with Chae Eun-sung’s left one-run double in a one-out first and second base opportunity that led to Noh Si-hwan’s walk, succeeded in winning 3-0 with Kim Tae-yeon’s left-center timely hit and Lee Jin-young’s left-handed timely hit.

When Doosan fought back with Yang Seok-hwan’s 17th solo home run of the season in the second inning, Hanwha also ran away with one run in the second inning. After one out, Moon Hyun-bin hit a double that fell out of the left-center after a full count match and knocked out Doosan starter Choi Won-joon. Moon Hyun-bin, who advanced to third base with a wild pitch by changed pitcher Kim Min-kyu, stepped home and scored on Kim In-hwan’s sacrifice fly to right field.

Doosan caught up with one point again in the third inning with Jung Soo-bin’s surprise bunt hit, stolen bases on second and third bases, and Jose Rojas’ sacrifice fly to right field, but Hanwha added three runs in the fourth inning to win the game. After Nick Williams got on base with a ball that hit his body, Lee Do-yoon lived as an infield hit to shortstop after a 10-ball match, leading to two outs and runners on first and second base. Here, Kim In-hwan hit Doosan’s changed pitcher Kim Myung-shin’s first fastball and hit a bullet-like line drive. a two-run double over the right field. Roh Si-hwan’s timely left-handed hit then widened the score to 7-2.

After one out in the seventh inning, Hanwha scored a wedge with a timely hit to the left of Williams’ left field following Lee Jin-young’s walk and opposing pitcher Kim Kang-ryul’s bad pitch to check the first base. Williams, who succeeded in third base with two hits and one RBI in three at-bats, recorded a multi-hit in 14 games on the 19th after the match against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 25th of last month. The season’s batting average is 1.98 percent (21 hits in 106 at-bats), which is on the verge of entering the 20th range. 안전놀이터

With the support of the batters, Hanwha starter Sanchez started quality with four hits (one home run), two walks, six strikeouts and three runs in six innings, winning his sixth win (4 losses) of the season. It is the first victory in six games on the 43rd since the match against Daegu Samsung on the 1st of last month. In the meantime, he was hit hard by exposure to pitching habits and fell into a swamp of four consecutive losses, but he regained stability through corrective work. He used sliders (30), two-seam, curves (8 or more), and changeups (6), focusing on fastballs of up to 151 kilometers and an average of 150 kilometers (47).

Doosan starter Choi Won-joon returned after 11 days after overcoming symptoms of back pain, but collapsed with 5 hits, 1 walk, 1 strikeout, and 4 runs in 1⅓3 innings, losing his 9th game (2 wins) of the season. Jung Soo-bin fought hard with two hits and two steals, but failed to prevent the team from losing.

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