Russia blocks more than 1,800 gambling sites

Russia’s Federal Communications, Information Technology and Popular Media Supervisor (Roskomnadzor, simply Roskomnadzor) blocked 1,882 sites with gambling content in a week, according to data released on the Rublacklist website. With gambling extremely restricted in Russia, federal regulators continue to monitor unauthorized online platforms that offer incontinence games and sports betting.

The latest statistics released on Tuesday by Betting Business Russia (BBR), an independent online magazine focused on the gaming and betting industries. According to the media, Roskomnazor blocked 1882 gambling sites during the period. The magazine estimates that Russia’s communications regulator has blocked 806 platforms representing online casinos, online lotteries or Internet poker rooms. The calculation is based on the latest items from the private censorship agency, Rublack Listry/Scoboda.

According to data collected by BBR, many of the sites blocked over the past week contain so-called “mirror” content. In other words, the content on these sites is copied. The most copied site with 298 blocked domains is Fonbet, the nation’s largest sportsbook operator. In addition, 146 blocked mirror sites in Paris Match, 94 copy sites in BC Leonbet, 82 sites mirroring Marathon Bet, 61 gambling sites (41), Bet City’s mirror sites (41), Betted gambling sites (41), Betted sites (41), Betted sites (41), Betted sites (41), Betted sites.

Despite not providing gambling content, 172 websites were blocked during this period. The magazine explains that the sites post information about bookmakers, casinos, gambling machines, and stakes.

Blocking More Than 7,000 Gambling Sites In March
According to data on the Rublacklist, Roskomnadzor blocked 7398 sites with gambling content during the period. Regulators have blocked 62,734 gambling sites, including online casinos, online lottery tickets, sports books and poker rooms. Also, many websites that do not provide gambling-related information have been blacklisted.

Russia has strict anti-gambling laws that ban almost all forms of gambling or real money games. Russia passed a bill banning all kinds of online gambling. Land casinos, sports books, and bingo halls were banned except for four designated areas. Today, these districts are Kaliningrad Region, Primorsky Region, Altai and Krasnodar Region. Last year, Sochi Casino and Resort, which opened in Sochi, became the largest tourist facility in Russia.


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