Its Samsung’s 5th Starter, Lee Seung-Hyun, Lee Ho-Sung, Two-Way Match

Samsung’s 5th starter, Seung-Hyun Lee – Ho-Sung Lee, two-way match… Kim Young-woong was Selected as the Opening Shortstop

Coach Park Jin-man, “The finishers are Kim Jae-yoon and Oh Seung-hwan… The order is confirmed in the exhibition game.”

The 5th starting pitcher for the professional baseball Samsung Lions appears to have been narrowed down to a two-way match between left-handed pitcher Lee Seung-hyun (21) and second-year right-handed pitcher Lee Ho-seong (19). 안전놀이터

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said through the club on the 7th, when the 2024 spring camp was completed, “The starting rotation for the new season is confirmed to include Denny Reyes, Connor Siebold, Won Tae-in, and Baek Jeong-hyun.”

He added, “The remaining spots are Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Ho-seong, who showed good performances in the spring camp.”

“We are ahead of the curve,” he said.

He continued by explaining, “Other players will also have opportunities if they prepare well in the Futures League.”

The closing pitcher is expected to be decided through exhibition games.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “Lim Chang-min will be in the front, and Kim Jae-yoon and Oh Seung-hwan will be in the back,” and added, “The specific positions and order will be confirmed in the exhibition game.”

Kim Young-woong was selected as a replacement for shortstop Lee Jae-hyun, who was unable to join the opening lineup due to a shoulder injury.

Coach Park said, “Kim Young-woong’s skills have improved a lot in spring camp,” and “he shows stability, especially in defense.”

He added, “Kang Han-ul and Kim Dong-jin will serve as backup.”

Coach Park Jin-man also selected Kim Young-woong as the best player (MVP) in the fielder category in the 2024 spring camp team.

Choi Ha-neul and left-hander Lee Seung-hyun were selected as pitchers. 온라인카지노

The Samsung team returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport after completing the spring camp schedule held in Okinawa, Japan on the 7th.

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