Incheon supporters introspect after water bottle throwing incident… #violence is not cheering

Self-reflection and introspection seem to be the first messages coming out of Incheon United supporters after the highly publicized water bottle throwing incident.

Incheon, led by head coach Cho Sung-hwan, are in the midst of their Hana Bank K League 1 2024 Round 13 match against Daejeon Hana Citizens, which kicked off at 4:30 p.m. on April 18 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. 스포츠토토존 The match against Daejeon Hana was the first official match after a week that must have been a nightmare for Incheon fans.

The nightmare started with a water bottle throwing incident that took place on Nov. 11 at the Incheon Football Stadium, Incheon’s home stadium, after the K League 1 12th round match against FC Seoul. Angered by Seoul goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom’s victory roar after the game, some unaware Incheon supporters threw countless water bottles into the stadium, hitting players such as Ki Sung-yong and others, causing a huge stir in the soccer world and in society.

On this day, the Incheon supporters watched the game in a generally quiet atmosphere. There were no chants except during set pieces such as corner kicks. Considering that the Incheon Supporters are known for their passionate cheers, which are often criticized for their so-called ‘firepower’ alone, it was quite a quiet atmosphere. In other words, it was quite restrained.

Some fans even hung up their shirts as a sign of reflection and self-reflection. The Incheon supporters’ section had a sign that read, “#Violence is not cheering #Mindful blue and black. The message was a reminder to build a healthy and mature support culture.

Meanwhile, the two teams are tied at 0-0.

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