Eight players at the table walked away with more than $480,574.85.

To win the Bad Beat Jackpot in Rivers’ Texas Hold’em game, the losing hand actually earns the most cash, the winner takes second prize and the table splits the rest. The “losing” player won $192,234.85, the winning player received $144,172.00 and the six other players received $24,028.00 each. Any win of $1,200 or more is considered a jackpot.

“It’s been very exciting to watch the bad beat jackpot climb to almost half a million dollars. Our poker players have been enthusiastically waiting to see who our next big winners would be,” said Craig Clark, general manager of Rivers Casino. “Congratulations to all the players at the winning table.”

The previous bad beat jackpot record was $304,963.20, earned at Rivers Casino in February 2015.


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