Chance Casino Abbottford’s Pancakes And BBQ Attracts Fundraising Mania

Casino places have many ways to help their host communities and promote its development. Gateway casinos and entertainment are among the ardent supporters of all charities and ideas, and this is evident at the annual fundraisers in Abbottford.

The local Chance Casino recently hosted a traditional food bank fundraiser that beat expectations. For the eighth consecutive time every year, July is ready to strengthen the game and give more to the community.

The annual food bank fundraiser at Chance Casino Avetsford took control of the area and provided significant support to Avetsford’s Archway Food Bank. This year was special because the event managed to beat all expectations and previous expectations when it came to accumulated revenue.

an unexpected fundraiser
What attracted people to the event was not only the supporting role they should play for a good cause, but also the delicious food that greeted them on the morning of Canada Day. Everyone interested had the opportunity to enjoy a free pancake breakfast.

What they had to do was bring in non-corrupt goods and donate them to a good cause. This turned breakfast into a great festival for all the early birds ready to support the food banks in Abbottford as soon as possible.

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To keep the meeting going into the evening, organizers are ready to offer a lively barbecue afternoon on the ground. The Red 21 Tap + Grill ensures the best performance and improved overall experience. The part of this event featured a price tag.

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Individuals had to pay CA$6 for being there and delicious barbecue. In return, they received hot dogs or burgers in addition to chips and drinks. All the proceeds from the afternoon barbecue will go straight to the food bank to support future operations.

More than 3,000 people benefit
What should be considered is that this year will go down in history as the most successful food bank fundraiser ever. A total of C$1,785 was raised during the special event, which set a new record for Food Bank. It should be taken into account that this event has been going on for eight years and has never exceeded this amount. 슬롯게임

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In addition to the resulting cash, the event also collected about 1,000 pounds of food for the organization to use and deliver to those in need. For your information, the food bank has been able to collect more than 3,000 pounds of food so far, which has attracted nearly a third of the event’s eight-year total for one day.

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More than 3,000 people benefit from the support spread throughout the community. Gateway Casinos are ready to support fundraisers and provide casino venues as places that attract the most people.

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