After achieving the record of appearing in all games for three consecutive seasons from 2020 to last year, “Iron Man” Byeong-dae (28-KT WIZ) waited for the start of the regular season (1 April) with a healthy body this year .However, he suffered a major injury in an exhibition game on 26 March when he was hit in the hand by a pitcher’s ball, fracturing the back of his left hand. The goal of playing in all games was lost from the start of the year. Speaking after the team’s game against the visiting Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on 16 March, Bae said, “Playing in every game before the season was a great motivation for me whenever I was struggling. This year, I honestly had a hard time because one of my goals disappeared,” he said .After working hard on his rehabilitation, Bae rejoined the first team for the first time this season on 1 June .After struggling in June with a 0.209 batting average, his monthly batting average improved to 0.333 in July and 0.341 in August. “It took me a while to shake off the disappointment of the injury,” he said. However, I comforted myself by thinking, ‘This is a record that will be broken one day,’” he said. “After I returned, I worked harder, thinking of coach Lee Kang-cheol, who consistently gave me opportunities even when I was slugging.”After shaking off the disappointment, the balls flew further. With two outs and one on in the second inning of a 2-0 win over Doosan on the 16th, he took a 145-kilometre-per-hour fastball from Doosan’s Kim Dong-joo and launched a two-run shot over the left field wall. The ball travelled 123 metres at 163 kilometres per hour .It was the first home run hit by Choi this season KT continued its four-game winning streak with a 5-2 victory over Doosan thanks to Choi’s home run. “During batting practice today, I worked with coach Kim Kang-Yoo Han-joon on how to utilise my lower body, and the stance came out unconsciously,” said Choi, “It feels good to hit a home run that helped the 카지노사이트킹 team win. “In the bottom of the seventh inning, Bae Jeong-dae, who played centre field, sprinted to catch Kang Seung-ho’s fly ball over his head from second base.”It’s been a long time since I’ve had a ‘good catch,’” he said with a smile, “and it was a good hit, so I ran without looking at the ball, but luckily I caught the drop point well. “On 1 June, when the squad returned from injury, KT was in last place (10th) with 16 wins, 29 losses and two draws (winning percentage 0.356).However, after the return of the squad, KT’s winning percentage has risen steeply and as of the 16th, they are in third place (0.550 winning percentage – 55 wins, 45 losses and 2 draws). The gap between them and second-placed SSG Landers has been reduced to one game. “I feel like our KT players are amazing. They are on an unbelievable run,” he said, expressing his satisfaction with the progress he and his teammates have made .As such, he found a new goal. He also realised that even if he didn’t achieve anything during his rehabilitation, he had people who believed in him .”I was going through a tough time because of my injury, and my mum sent me a text message saying, ‘I don’t need anything else, I just need my son,’” he says, “I still cringe. It gave me new strength to support myself.” His mother didn’t want anything from him, but he wanted to make her proud. That day, he hit a home run and played a great game. No one could be more proud of him.

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