After president’s debate debacle, Jill Biden delivering message that they’re still all in

President Joe Biden, left, and first lady Jill Biden arrive on Marine One at East Hampton Airport, June 29, in East Hampton, N.Y. AP-Yonhap

Jill Biden was right at her husband’s side Saturday as they exited Air Force One to head for a pair of campaign stops at luxurious vacation homes on Long Island. And she got straight to the point when it was her turn to introduce the president at a tony fundraiser.

“Joe isn’t just the right person for the job. He’s the only person for the job,” she declared.

The first lady also told donors, “Anyone can tell you what they want to do, but Joe Biden can tell you what he’s done with his judgment, his experience, and his relationships with leaders across the globe.”

The first lady is trying to rally support for her husband after a dreadful performance in Thursday’s presidential debate created fresh worries about President Joe Biden’s age and his ability to compete in November’s election and to serve another four years.

The community college professor has been by her husband’s side since he exited the debate stage as he faces what could be a defining challenge of his presidency — the president says that democracy itself is on the line in his race against former President Donald Trump.

It’s a reflection of the first lady’s influence, her love of her husband and the pressure confronting an 81-year-old candidate whom many voters worry is too old to serve another term as president. 카지노사이트킹 While Trump’s wife has been noticeably absent from the campaign trail, Jill Biden has taken a leading role, wearing a dress Friday decorated with the word “Vote.”

Less than 24 hours after her husband’s disastrous debate, she stood before a crowd in Greenwich Village and spoke glowingly about her husband without any nod to the swirling controversy over whether he is up to another term.

“Joe will never stop fighting for this country and for communities like this one,” she said at an event at the Stonewall National Monument, a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride. “That’s who Joe is. He wakes up every morning thinking about how he can make the lives of Americans better.”

She was more frank, though, later in the day at a LGBTQ fundraiser in the city, saying of her husband’s debate performance, “I know it’s on your minds.”

“As Joe said earlier today, he’s not a young man,” she allowed. “And you know, after last night’s debate, he said, ‘You know, Jill, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t feel that great.’ And I said, ‘Look, Joe, we are not going to let 90 minutes define the four years that you’ve been president.’”

The first lady went on to deliver a spirited defense of the president’s abilities, signaling there was no stepping back from his intent — their intent, really — for him to press forward with his campaign.

“What my husband does know how to do is tell the truth,“ she said. “When Joe gets knocked down, Joe gets back up, and that’s what we’re doing today.”

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