“2024 Jeonbuk Jeonju Basketball i-League”

Jeonju started the i-League for the first time this year, and will be able to lay the groundwork for expanding the base of youth basketball.

Choi Myung-rak, the director general of the i-League of Jeonju City Basketball Association, took charge of managing the i-League in Jeonju. “I thought it was not enough as it was my first time. However, seeing what many club players and their parents found, I felt that I needed to expand the scale to allow more players to come,” Choi said.
In Jeonju i-League, youth players in Jeonju, Gunsan, and Gochang participated in a total of 22 teams (7, 7, and 8) from three categories (U10, 12, and 15).토토사이트 모음

Choi Myung-rak, the secretary-general of the i-League, said, “The application period was short as we started operating the i-League for the first time. There were also inquiries from other regions after the application period. We will increase the size next year so that more teams can come to the Jeonbuk region.”

Jeonju i-League will host the last tournament at the gymnasium after two preliminary rounds at Jeon Gi-jung Gymnasium. Both schools are gyms with elite basketball teams, and the environment is not bad.

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